DIY jewelry corkboard

In light of my upcoming move, trying to get organized has become my number one priority. I have no problem sorting through clothes and keeping shoes together, but jewelry is a completely different story. My necklaces are constantly getting tangled from being in a box, and my earrings separate themselves way too much. I’d been browsing different ideas for jewelry organization (boxes, etc…) and finally decided on something simple. My goal was to create this corkboard jewelry holder for under $15…and I spent exaclty $12.86! I have a huge cork board I thought about using, but decided to purchase a smaller version for $4.99. JoAnn fabric provided the perfect sized fabric quarter (18″ by 21″) in a simple yellow and white which was the perfect backdrop, so as not to outshine the jewelry. Brass plated hooks and a hot glue gun were the last two items used, and voila! A simple jewelry organizer that I can easily mount on my wall.


2 thoughts on “DIY jewelry corkboard

  1. What a cute idea, def going to steal it for my new place!! One idea: maybe ironing the cloth prior to putting it on the corkboard? That way it would be a smoother backdrop without the square fabric folds!

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